Spridd i 30 sustainable Nordic Buildings med projektet Fittja People´s Palace - holistisk och transparent renovering.

Environmental issues are high on the public agenda of the five Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The Nordic people expect the environment where they live and work to be sustainable and at the same time to reflect the values that prevail in the Nordic societies. The Nordic Built programme was initiated by the Nordic Ministers for Trade and Industry and launched by Nordic Innovation and the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2012. The aim was to accelerate the development of sustainable building concepts in the Nordic region and to contribute to the realisation of the Nordic region as a leading innovative region in green growth and welfare. The platform of the programme is the Charter, created by 75 leaders representing some of the most forward-thinking businesses in the Nordic building industry. The Charter consists of 10 principles that define the strongholds of the industry. They represent a holistic approach to building that includes all three dimensions of sustainability – social, environmental and economic. The Charter involves more than just the actual physical building, it reaches out to the people living, playing, learning and working in it. The Charter is the backbone of this book, which tells the story of 30 sustainable Nordic buildings.

Fittja People´s Palace var det vinnande förslaget i den svenska delen av Nordic Built Challenge 2013, - en tvärvetenskaplig tävling som frågade efter hållbara, lönsamma och skalbara metoder för renovering av några av de vanligaste byggnadstyperna i Norden. Spridd vann tävlingen tillsammans med NCC, och arbetet med att genomföra förslaget är nu igång.

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